Welcome to APFSS, Inc.
Since 1995, A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc. provides invaluable professional public record research services and filing expertise to our clients worldwide.
A Preferred Filing & Search Services, Inc.
Personalized Service
At APFSS, you will receive prompt and personal service adapted to your individual needs. We specialize in the UCC/Fixture, Corporate and Litigation fields, and we understand the different needs of your industry and can meet them efficiently and effectively. Our expertise in public records research ensures accuracy and quality work. We have established reliable and efficient affiliates WORLDWIDE. APFSS provides a wide variety of public records research services from Business, Litigation, UCC, Real Estate, and more.

SMART System
(Sophisticated Management of Accurate Records & Transactions) Utilize our superior account portfolio tracking and management system to avoid late or missed filing dates. Our SMART system will automatically update filings or follow up on critical records that can otherwise be forgotten. Learn more about SMART System…

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